Monika Sroczyńska


The main area of Monika Sroczyńska’s interests is piano music. Favourite form of expression – miniature. Many years of experience, both as a soloist and a chamber musician, allow the composer to use sound material with unprecedented ease.

The compositions featured on the album were created in 2017-2020. The pieces are varied in terms of expression: from the cheerful Musical Moment C, through sentimental Reminiscences, to dramatic Dislocations, contemplative Espressivo TransSibile, or multifaceted Contrasts. Despite the difference concerning the emotional content, those works are still stylistically coherent. They attract attention with their characteristic internal energy achieved through high concentration of musical events, the predominant role of rhythm, and syncopation. In combination with the expressive – as if selected – harmonic timbre, they create an individual style that escapes an easy definition. Improvisational character? Contemporary brilliant style? Melancholic virtuosity? It is difficult to define; it is certainly worth listening to.